Meet the Board

Derek Hahm

Derek is Chief of Staff at Craft Brew Alliance, which means he’s one of the guys you thank whenever you sip one of your favorite beers, like Red Hook, Widmer Hefe, and Kona. Even though CBA is now the fifth largest brewery in the nation, Derek works hard to maintain close ties to the local community, giving back whenever he can. It is this commitment to others that makes him such a valued board member of Team Cole.

Brian Hexum

When Cole was diagnosed with Stage 4 Leukemia, Brian was amazed at how the community rallied behind his family, helping out however and whenever they could. He knows firsthand the harsh reality of caring for a child with cancer. So as board member of Team Cole, he wants other parents to know they don’t have to face it alone. His day job, however, is Business Director at Larger Thank Life. You can see their latest high quality graphics and prints throughout the city of Portland, including many Trimet buses and trains.

John Holmes

With 17 years of experience in advertising and media, John brings considerable marketing expertise to Team Cole. His digital ad agency, Sq1 handles all of our marketing efforts, bringing greater levels of awareness to everything we do. A philanthropist at heart, John continues to give his 110% in promoting Team Cole, hosting fundraisers and benefits whenever he isn’t busy winning new clients.