Alyssa Holmes

July 2017

Alyssa Renee Holmes was born on December 27th, 2016. At birth she had 4 masses in her abdomen. Smaller masses were also found in her skin. Alyssa spent the first few weeks in the nicu. After countless labs, biopsies, multiple imagines and painful procedures, she was diagnosed with intermediate risk, stage 4 neuroblastoma. On January 17th, at just 3 weeks old she began her four rounds of chemotherapy. She has needed blood transfusions, has been sick, lost weight, stopped eating but she always bounces back. After 4 rounds of chemo her biopsies of the remaining masses gave us hope and showed that Alyssa was winning and what neuroblastoma was left was maturing. On June 25th we took Alyssa into the hospital to have her Hickman line taken out. We were excited to take her swimming, give her a real bath, go camping, take her to the beach and not hide her from the world anymore. While going under anesthesia Alyssa started to have a seizure.This prompted a CT scan of her brain. The CT scan showed 3 spots in her brain and after an MRI our worst fear was confirmed that she has 4 neuroblastoma tumors in her brain. She relapsed before even completing her first battle. Devastated is an understatement, we are shattered at the battle Alyssa has ahead of her. Now they are doing many more tests, consulting with specialist around the country. They have discussed surgeries, travels and trials. As we wait for the answers as to what comes next we hold onto the love and support that is being given to us. Alyssa’s strength and beauty is astonishing. We know that there is nothing our baby girl can’t beat. With Alyssa’s strength, the support and prayers of family, friends and people we have yet to meet, Alyssa will beat this. She has a long road ahead of her but our hope and support are unwavering. With our love and gratitude #teamalyssarenee