Amelia Hutchinson

August 2018

June 29th, 2017 will forever be known as the worst day of my life. We had found a hard mass in our 4-year old daughter, Amelia’s neck that after several trips to an oncologist, and to an infectious disease specialist, they were convinced all was well and it was just a nasty infection. All the blood work was great, no sign of cancer. Until on that day after removing the 5cm mass, the pathology showed Amelia had Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Over the next two weeks, Amelia had catscans, 2 bone marrow biopsies, a picc line placed, and they decided to do another surgery to remove a lymph node on the opposite side of her neck.

After all that, we received the amazing news that she had Stage 1 Burkitt’s Lymphoma. This was the best news considering Burkitt’s grows so fast that it is almost never stage 1. Amelia underwent 2 aggressive rounds of Chemo that were each 7 days long. On September 1st, we were told Amelia was cancer free. She was able to start pre-k and was welcomed so warmly by her school who stood beside her and cheered her on all year through the loss of her hair, her very low weight, her aches and pains and emotional worries. Now a year later, Amelia just had her 9 month scans in June and is still in remission. She grows stronger everyday and we are working on making up for the lost time. It has been a year of absolute devastation, but it also has been a year of growth, seeing pure love in our community and from complete strangers. We watched God answer our prayers for comfort and healing. We will forever value each and every day that we have our sweet Amelia with us.