Bennett Zadow

July 2015

In 1999 Shelby and Ryan met each other through mutual friends and within a year a great friendship turned into life-long love. In 2003 they became Mr. and Mrs. Zadow. They worked hard, finished school and then eight years ago they decided it was finally time to expand their family. It took six years of procedures, tests and surgeries to realize that they were not able to have children by their own means, and thus began exploring adoption.

Through the generosity of friends and family as well as their own dedication to savings and cost-cutting measures they raised the needed funds to adopt.

After many interviews and paperwork an adoption match was found for them. On December 26th, 2014 Bennett Curtis Declan Zadow was welcomed into the world.

At two weeks old Bennett was diagnosed with AML leukemia, an extremely rare cancer (one in a million). Bennett’s mother commented “In a few short hours, we went from living in a dream to one of the worst nights of our lives.” They immediately started treatment and are at the pediatric intensive care unit.

The parents, Ryan and Shelby, are focused on caring for Bennett. Ryan and Shelby’s friends want to make sure that the financial constraints of such a situation doesn’t get in the way of their concentration.

The world is full of love and random acts of kindness and we are asking you now, today, to help us raise $30,000 to assist in medical expenses and associated costs. While this will more than likely not cover all of the needed costs, in the end it is a start and will bring hope to the family. Please consider giving as generously as you can and SHARE SHARE SHARE this information.