Damian Martinez

March 2018

This is Damian Martinez, he is 3 years old. Born September 25th 2014. He is a big brother to his 1 year old sister Melani. Damian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) on January 27th, 2016. God has given Damian so much strength and has helped our family fight this cancer together. Damian is so sweet, caring and such a smart boy. He loves playing with his Minions and McQueen cars. He has such a unique laugh that you know its him laughing😁 Damian is such a superhero and we are all fighting this cancer together. Before Damian was diagnosed we thought he just had a bad cold or flu but at the clinic after hearing his heart rate they decided to do blood work and we discovered he had leukemia and we were rushed by ambulance to Doernbecher, where they informed us the next day he had ALL.😢. I had to leave my 2 month old baby at home with my mom and introduced her to formula only because she was only being breast fed at the moment. But in this journey our faith for god has grown so much and we see life in a different way now. We meet wonderful people like Team Cole! Damian is now in maintenance phase.