Ellie Soucy

September 2018

Ellie was born on September 10, 2014. She loved Elena of Avalor, that was her hero. She left a sister, Charlotte, and her 2 parents and 2 cats. Ellie always had a smile on her face and made everyone smile around her. She was the bravest child we have ever known. No matter what happened she didn’t want us to cry or be sad.

She was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in November of 2016. She fought hard and was in remission in May of 2017. She had a great summer and started Pre-K in September 2017. On Oct 27th she contracted Rhinovirus and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. After being home for 2 weeks she ended up back in the hospital with RSV on December 1st and remained in the hospital until Jan 8th, 2018. She enjoyed almost 2 months home when we went to get her normal checkup where they saw abnormal blood cells and we found out she had relapsed. We chose to have a bone marrow transplant and they started the process. In April we spent time as a family in Disneyland for Ellie’s “Make a Wish” so we could meet her beloved Princess Elena! Her dream came true! What a wonderful time Ellie had. When we got home she was readmitted for another round of chemo. After that round we got a few weeks home where she got to have fun and do summer activities before her transplant.

June 13th was her transplant and after battling for 5 weeks she ended up having a respiratory infection. After testing they discovered she relapsed once again and there was nothing we could do. Two days later she passed away with her parents by her side.