Ethan Mosher

October 2016

Ethan Mosher had been complaining of migraines since Christmas. At first, he managed them well for a boy of only seven years old. But when they started occurring every other day, his parents pleaded with his doctors to expedite his MRI.

The neurologist called, asking to meet in person to discuss the results. He drew the Moshers into a small private room, closed the door, and gave them the diagnosis. Ethan had a golf-ball sized brain tumor at the base of his skull. He would have to be taken, by ambulance, immediately to OHSU for treatment. The word “cancer” was whispered, but it was still too early to confirm anything.

But Ethan remained upbeat, just happy his doctors knew the cause of his headaches. His spriti and charm lit up the ward and left the nurses smitten. They were the ones, after all, who gave him shiny new toys and a beautiful quilt.

A surgery was successful in removing the tumor. But Ethan’s battle was far from over. What was removed from his brain was what doctors called a medulloblastoma: an aggressive type of brain tumor. Some of the tumor was found on Ethan’s brainstem during surgery, worsening these fears that it might have spread to his spinal cord.

Another MRI was scheduled to see if it had. But even if it comes back clear Ethan would have to undergo multiple rounds of aggressive chemo and radiation. Because of the invasive surgery, it is also likely that he would have to take patient rehabilitation to restore his walking and speech.

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