Hunter Shank

August 2018

Our son, Hunter has recently been diagnosed with Advanced Thyroid Cancer. After a year of doctor visits and tests, a biopsy was finally ordered. At this point, the cancer had spread to his right and left lymph nodes and down into his chest. We are looking at multiple surgeries and possibly years of physical therapy, as he will temporarily lose the ability to move his face muscles, and permanently lose the ability to lift his right arm over his head. Hunter is being treated at OHSU in Portland, Oregon. At this time, we are not 100% sure of all of the treatments he will need. After the first surgery, the doctors will have a better idea of what we can expect moving forward.

Hunter is our only son and our first baby. He has a younger sister, Heidi, and numerous friends and family behind him. Hunter is an amazing young man who cares deeply about animals, nature, and his family. A teenager should never have to start their venture into adulthood with cancer, but we know that Hunter will beat this and we will all be stronger because of it.

Prayers are strongly requested.