Joseph Smith

November 2018

On November 1, 2004, God gifted me with my 4th child, who was also my 4th boy – Joseph Joshua Smith! Joseph has always been full of energy and full of life! With unending curiosity and an imagination that doesn’t stop, Joseph has always been an inquisitive, “hands on” learner who like to create! In preschool he was obsessed with trains, and would build various track designs for his trains to move on. As he got older, Joseph moved to legos. He not only can put together any lego set, but he also has done an amazing job creating his own designs. Other ways Joseph displays his creativity is with art. He’s an amazing artist that likes to sketch and create stories with his art work.

Before cancer, Joseph spent much of his time playing outside, playing basketball and soccer. When hanging out with friends, he loved drawing, playing bey blades, video games, singing silly songs, and making people laugh. Playing cards and board games and watching movies and YouTube videos with family, are other activities you might find Joseph doing! Joseph has always been an active, kind-hearted soul.

Last summer, my little warrior Joseph, participated in a basketball camp at his school, City Christian, the last week of June. On June 27th, Joseph was kneed going up for a lay-up shot and broke his fibula in his right leg. Through a series of medical procedures, doctors and specialists, we discovered that a cancerous tumor had weakened the bone, causing an easy fracture. On August 6, 2018 Joseph was diagnosed with a rare and malignant form of bone and soft tissue cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.

As stated above, Joseph has always been an energetic, healthy and active boy who rarely got sick or ever had to slow down, all his life! However, this past summer of 2018, The Smith Family experienced one of the greatest shocks of our lives, with his cancer diagnoses. In spite of the news, we are very thankful this disease was exposed through the basketball injury, and with this kind of cancer, the fight could have been WAY worse being a malignant type of sarcoma. So our first miracle in Warrior Joseph’s story was his broken fibula; A blessing in disguise, to find this cancer so early!

So far we have completed 5 rounds of chemo with a 6th round approaching this November. Every round of chemo requires hospitalization. He goes in every other week to receive chemo and his treatment alternates between a two day round and a 5 day round. He is scheduled for surgery in December to remove the tumor in his right leg. The doctors have prescribed 8 more rounds of chemo to follow the surgery. Since life has changed so dramatically for Joseph and our family, we have learned to live 1 day at a time and enjoy focusing on all the things that we are thankful for!!! We are thankful to Our Heavenly Father for His love and goodness! We are thankful for the love, care, prayers, support, acts of kindness and service by our family and friends! We are thankful for the great medical care and treatment we receive at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital! And we are thankful for every breath we take! Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read our story.