Kaylee Miller

June 2019

Just a few short months ago Kaylee was a perfectly healthy, running nonstop, laughing 8-year-old goofball who always had a bright smile on her face! One day she started having troubles speaking and swallowing a little bit and her balance was off. When we went into the doctor to check her out, thinking it was a simple winter virus or perhaps an ear infection, we were told that she has a massive inoperable tumor that is fused with her brain stem. She has a stage four, terminal DIPG brain tumor. When they saw what they were working with, we were told that we had a week left with her because it was a very aggressive tumor and there is simply not much that can be done. We worked together with her amazing medical team at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Kaylee was able to pull together all of her spunk, stubbornness, and silliness and got through all six weeks of radiation and was able to become outpatient at the Ronald McDonald House for the last couple of weeks of treatment!

Her tumor has now shrank some to where we can enjoy some quality time with her, but it will grow back shortly after her honeymoon period is over and the tumor begins growing again. For the meantime, Make A Wish has granted Kaylee the ability to go to a wonderful place called Give Kids the World in Florida where she will be able to explore Disney World, Universal Studios, and others with her parents, her big brother, her little sister, her little brother, and her Buscia (her grandmother)! After that, we look forward to simply enjoying every precious day that we have left with our sweetheart and making sure they’re as filled with laughter and joy as much as can possibly be squeezed in!