Keira Cook

March 2016

Keira is a very beautiful high-energy 7-year old who has a way of capturing the hearts of everyone she meets. She is always running around, laughing and playing which is why in January of 2015, things just didn’t seem right with her. Keira was complaining a lot of tummy aches, was always very thirsty and extremely tired; not typical behavior for her, so her parents took her to the doctor for a check-up. Thinking that Keira may just have something as simple as the stomach flu, they were shocked and devastated to learn that she had Leukemia. Keira was immediately admitted into Doernbecher Children’s Hospital where she stayed for a week undergoing many procedures that were new and scary to her such as blood transfusions and sedations, along with receiving chemo treatments. She underwent numerous tests, received more medication in a week than most of us have probably had in our lifetime and through it all kept a positive attitude and continues to do so today. It has been over a year since Keira was first diagnosed and thankfully she is doing very well. She is in the maintenance phase of her treatment and we are looking forward to May 21, 2017 when her treatment will be complete. Keira enjoys play dates with her friends, loves arts and crafts, basketball, swimming, swinging at the park and playing with her little brother Aidan and her older sisters Jazzmin & Makenzie. She has recently learned how to ride her bike and is really enjoying that new skill.

Keira continues to amaze her parents with how strong and positive she has been through this entire ordeal. She has truly been an inspiration to a lot of people. Keira’s older sister, Makenzie, played on her high school’s varsity basketball team and after learning of Keira’s diagnosis, Makenzie’s coaches and teammates decided they wanted to help support Keira and their teammate, Makenzie. They had warm up t-shirts made that read “We Play For Keira” and they did just that; they played for Keira. She was their added motivation to play hard the entire season; if Keira was going to have to battle cancer, they could work hard to win basketball games with the goal of winning a state championship and that is just what they did….they won the girls 5A State Basketball Championship in 2015!

Keira is a strong-willed little girl who has a tremendous fighting spirit. Her mom told her that God has a plan for her and that this is just a challenge he is throwing at her to make sure she stays strong. Kids with cancer are not weak; they are stronger than you could ever imagine, and in the case of Keira – leukemia picked a kid that is fighting back to win the war!