Kimberly Scarlet

January 2016

Dear friends and family,

In 2014, our baby girl, Kim, was born with a rare condition known as Anophthalmia. We didn’t know this at first, just that something was wrong. The nurse told us babies don’t always open their eyes as soon as they are born. The doctors were coming in and out with no explanation. But then the bad news came. Our baby girl was born without an eye and there was a cyst where her eye was supposed to be. No one can explain the feeling of being elated one minute and absolutely devastated the next. As a mother, I kept thinking. What did I do wrong?

Kim has had three surgeries since birth, her first one at just four months old, which breaks our hearts even to think about. Despite these surgical attempts at intervention, the cyst keeps coming back. She needs another surgery by December 8th. However, our Oregon Health Plan will no longer cover the procedure, since we’ve reached the limit of benefits available. I am very disappointed in the state for denying Kim’s surgery and need your help in sharing our story with others by clicking the link below. Thank you for your understanding and support. God bless!