Kleon Keang

February 2017

Kleon Keang was diagnosed with Leukemia on January 21st. As a young, active high school soccer star, the diagnosis took everyone who knows him by surprise. After visiting the doctor for what was assumed to be a concussion, Kleon was diagnosed with bone cancer.

This vibrant, intelligent young man is a senior at Union High School in Camas, WA. Kleon is an avid participant in several school activities including the varsity soccer team. As a first generation student, Kleon has worked exceptionally hard to attain the goal of so many: go to college, attain a degree, and after, continue his pursuit of the American dream.

Kleon’s path to these ideals has met with challenges he has overcome with perseverance. The son of Cambodian immigrants, Kleon has led a life of no excuses. He lives with his mother and contributes to the household to help make ends meet. But this new situation greatly outweighs the monetary resources the two have at the disposal.

Let’s band together to help Kleon.