Lucian Velaso

May 2017

Lucian is 13 years old and has always been a happy, healthy kid. He rarely got sick, so last year, when he starting getting lethargic and having fevers almost every day, we knew something was wrong. After weeks of this and seeing many different doctors, we finally got an answer. He has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. CML is rare anyway, but is even more rare in children. Because it is a chronic and not an acute cancer, he will likely always have it. The treatment is simple, a pill a day. The only real problem is that it could stop working at any time.

Now, almost a year after his diagnosis, he looks like any other kid his age. When we watch him ride bikes and play with his friends, or fight with his siblings, you’d never guess that he was “sick”. We are fortunate to have met many amazing people on this journey. Lucian knows that there are so many others fighting blood cancers, so he raises awareness at school and pretty much anywhere else he goes. It isn’t uncommon to see him wearing his favorite sweatshirt proclaiming, “You can’t scare me, I’m a Leukemia Warrior” and that says it all. He truly is a warrior, and will continue to fight a good fight!