Lyla Herauf

December 2017

This is Lyla. She’s a silly, imaginative, and energetic little girl. On September 12, 2017 she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatment after recently being diagnosed as very high risk. Lyla is a cheer leader for Liberty Junior Cheer. She was diagnosed 2 days after her first game. Lyla was complaining of headaches and after having her eyes were dialated at the eye doctor they noticed two small hemorages behind her eyes and reccomended following up with her pediatrician. She was seen the very next day and after taking her blood she was rushed to Randall’s Children’s hospital for an emergency blood transfusion and was diagnosed with Luekemia the next day. Lyla is typically very talkative and often is told she needs to work on volume control hence why she is now a cheer leader. She has been extremely brave throughout this journey. Over the years Lyla has been known for making videos called The Lyla Grace Show and most of the videos are of Lyla encouraging children to not be afraid to go to the doctor. Lyla believes for whatever reason she was meant to help others.