Nathalie Traller

November 2015

Since Nathalie’s diagnosis in April 2012, her parents have explored each clinical trial and treatment option available. She has valiantly come back from ten surgeries and continues to surprise her doctors on the east and west coast. Knowing last September that the cancer was continuing to spread, sarcoma experts around the country pointed Nathalie’s family towards emerging anti-PD1 immunotherapy. Because of age, she was unable to participate in at least six recruiting clinical trials she otherwise meets criteria for.

A successful nine-month campaign to bring her access has meant a chance for Nathalie to try what our systems denied her! We are so grateful to those who have joined us. Through this journey we have learned much about what needs to change to truly make a difference for childhood cancer. We ask you to join us in making a lasting difference for ALL those young people fight cancer.