Olivia Farrow

June 2018

Olivia was diagnosed at 9 months old on March 26th, 2017 with AML Leukemia. After fighting with doctors for 2 weeks, we took her into Salem Hospital. They took her blood work and found that her white blood cells were 500,000. Little did we know that our crazy journey was going to get much crazier. Olivia and I were taken by ambulance from Salem Hospital to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. They did all the normal tests. We found out that Olivia had 4 micro bleeds on her brain. A specialist saw us that next day and told us that even though Olivia hadn’t had any seizures yet it would only be a matter of time before she had them. Olivia started her first round of chemo March 31st, 2017. That next day we were rushed to the PICU for high blood pressure. We were there for 4 hours when our world flipped again. Olivia had a seizure April 1st, 2017 in my arms that caused her to have a stroke. She was rushed for emergency brain surgery April 2nd, 2017. The surgery was 7 1/2 hours long. When she came out she was in a medically induced coma for 28 days. Olivia fought RSV and 3 blood infections during that time. She then did 4 rounds of chemo and 1 round of radiation. Olivia received a bone marrow transplant from a man from Germany on August 18th, 2017. She has since had 2 days of dialysis and many OT and PT appointments to help her learn to crawl and walk. Olivia will be 2 years old June 9th and has been completely cancer free since her very first round of chemo.