Otto Stuckman

January 2017

In January 2016, Otto had just turned five years old, and he began complaining of pain in his legs. Throughout the first weeks of January, the pain worsened over time, and he underwent numerous tests in order to determine a cause. When he began vomiting in addition to his pain, with no obvious cause, he was admitted to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, where a bone marrow biopsy revealed that he had Stage IV Neuroblastoma, a form of pediatric cancer. His prognosis was uncertain, and his treatment would be intense.

Otto underwent emergency brain surgery to remove a golfball sized tumor from the right side of his brain, and began chemotherapy to treat the cancer that had spread throughout his bone marrow and bones shortly thereafter. Throughout it all, he has remained inquisitive and sunny, a sweet little boy who has charmed all of his nurses and doctors.

Since last January, Otto has undergone eight rounds of chemotherapy, an additional surgery to remove a tumor within his right adrenal gland, and two rounds of MIBG therapy (a form of intravenous radiation) in tandem with two more rounds of chemotherapy.

Despite all of this grueling treatment, Otto’s cancer remains stubborn in its invasion of his bones, spine, and an additonal tumor in his skull base. It is retreating, finally, slowly, but he still has a long road of treatment ahead of him.

His family has struggled with the loss of his mother’s income as she cares for him, and any donations would be a great relief to them as they travel this road with Otto. He is still fighting, and we will fight until we win.