Quinn Hood

May 2018

Quinn was born completely healthy at a whopping 5 pounds 10 ounces. She grew up quick once she was out in the world. She was exceeding all expectations and hitting milestones just as any healthy baby should. She started crawling at 8 months, standing at 9 months and trying to take baby steps around 11 months. It was at this point that we realized some odd changes with Quinn’s behavior. She was always happy, but sometimes she would look to be in pain through her smile. Soon after, her eye started wandering and she seemed to have steady headaches. We were getting very worried about her and we had to wait almost 6 more weeks to see the eye doctor. She got glasses that day and the eye problem was fixed and she was smiling again. She could see us clearly. At her 4 week eye exam we mentioned a hand tremor that Quinn had developed. That’s when everything changed. It was no longer the glasses that she needed. We were sent urgently to get an MRI, which revealed a tumor about 2.5cm in her 4th ventricle. We were rushed onto an ambulance and taken to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. We were frightened the entire drive. We thought we were saying goodbye in less than no time.

We arrived at the hospital and the neurosurgeons rushed into the room. They had a plan and they would take her from us first thing the following day. She was in surgery longer than we had ever left her with a babysitter. She was gone for what seemed like a lifetime. When the neurosurgeon came out to see us 11 hours later, she had a huge smile of confidence and she was proud to tell us that she successfully removed the entire tumor and that Quinn was waking up. It was the most powerful moment that I have ever experienced. She was awake in the back saying mama when we got there. It was the greatest relief a parent can have in such a frightening time.

Since this event, Quinn has had 2 more surgeries, 3.5 months of chemotherapy treatments and she still has 2.5 months to go. She is a fighter and her spirit is incredible. She truly is The Mighty Quinn. Now 2.5 months since her tumor was removed, Quinn is the happiest baby anyone has ever met. She puts a smile on for the little things. She snuggles her stuffed animals at the hospital and her dogs when we are home. She starts her days with her mom and dad taking her on coffee dates as a family. Quinn is now 17 months old. She is not able to walk at this time due to the pressure the tumor put on her cerebellum, but she is recovering and getting stronger each day. It amazes me how strong she is during all of this. She brings the whole family up by lifting our positive thinking.