Tayton Sanders

February 2018

This is Tayton. He is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. He is an imaginative and energetic boy that loves science and video games. Tayton was scheduled to go on a road trip with his family in July of 2017. He was excited to see several national parks. He had a free pass for the “Every kid in a park” campaign for 4th graders. He had recently been having problems with sporadic vomiting and his doctor diagnosed him with acid reflux. However, this didn’t sit well with his parents. It didn’t feel like acid reflux and the medicine wasn’t helping. They decided to take him to the Doernbecher emergency room on a day that he was having a particularly hard time keeping anything down. They wanted to make sure he was healthy enough to go on vacation and were hoping to help him feel better before leaving. Tayton was diagnosed with an astrocytoma on his brain stem which was causing him to vomit. This was diagnosed within a few hours of being in the emergency room. The tumor was surgically removed early the next morning and the outlook was positive. However, it began growing back rather quickly. He had another surgery to remove the tumor in September and is currently undergoing a 15-month round of chemotherapy. If the tumor responds well to chemotherapy, his doctors suspect it will stabilize and he can stop chemotherapy for 1-3 years. They believe he will then have to repeat the chemotherapy sessions in this manner for the rest of his life unless the tumor stops growing on its own which is sometimes known to happen after adolescence. Tayton has a positive attitude about it and is undergoing treatment like a champ!