Tyler Truelove

September 2016

Tyler is an active teenager who loves spending time with his family, the outdoors, comics. and superheroes.
When Tyler was a baby, he developed a softball sized choroid plexus papilloma tumor in his brain which was successfully removed and Tyler had a shunt put in for drainage.
In February 2016, Tyler needed a shunt revision and had brain surgery at Doernbecher’s Childrens Hospital in Portland. During his stay, an MRI revealed two new tumors in his brain. One tumor was successfully removed during surgery in March of 2016.
The second tumor is deep in the thalamus region of Tyler’s brain. Tyler’s doctors say surgery to remove it should only be a last resort option. This will require Tyler to have to travel from Eugene where he lives to Doernbecher’s in Portland for treatments and frequent MRI monitoring.
Tyler is also undergoing physical therapy to work as a result of the tumors and operations.
With money already tight, Tyler’s family recently lost a source of their income, and they could really use a little help.
It would mean so much to us to help this hard working family have one less worry during their difficult time. All money donated will go towards medical costs not covered by insurance, therapy, and getting them up to Portland for treatments, child care for Tyler’s 5 year old brother while Tyler is in treatment, and other costs related to medical care.