Weston Epler

April 2018

This is Weston ‘The Warrior’ Epler, who is currently in maintenance phase for Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia. You would never know it by how much he runs and plays.
Weston was diagnosed at Randall’s Children’s Hospital on May 2nd officially, giving a literal term to ‘May Day’ in the worst way for his parents and everyone who cared about him. After being sent by his pediatrician to Randall’s, Weston had no idea what was going to come next in his life. He was then informed of the diagnosis and began ‘moving’ into a room on their treatment floor. Weston never failed to have a positive attitude about the whole situation, even while Mom and Dad were emotional wrecks. Almost a year later, Weston has witnessed the generosity of complete strangers and found just how beautiful this world can be. Weston hasn’t stopped playing sports (His favorite sports team being the Portland Timbers), and has shown just how little ALL has slowed him down.
Weston has always been a rowdy and athletic boy who shows his younger brother, Reid, a great example of what a young boy should be. He is also a shining example of a compassionate, caring human. Weston has seen his share of hiccups, from late night visits in the ER, to being placed in the ICU while on a vacation to California. None of those events have ever slowed him down or deterred his sense of wonder for the outdoors, activities or Family. Team Cole is yet another example of how amazingly wonderful this world can be. Weston has always shown that sense to the rest of humanity. What a blessing it is to be shown that in return.