2015 Fall Auction

Money Raised: $47,000

Team Cole held its annual fundraising auction on November 14th, 2015 at digital digs of Sq1 in Portland, Oregon. The purpose of the event was to support the family of Nathalie Traller who, until recently, had been fighting ASAP (Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma).

The $47,000 in proceeds went to help the Traller family pay for the many medical bills they had accrued over Nathalie’s struggle, and also helped 11 other families selected throughout the year. The walls were close to bursting with people socializing and supporting Nathalie’s fight. Al-Amir restaurant provided food and drinks, keeping the evening flavorful and fun, while the auction kept people on top of their game with vacations, Nike apparel, signed artwork, sports memorabilia and so much more.

The Team Cole auction was a huge success, raising over $47,000 for the Traller’s and other families in need. Thanks to everyone who put the needs of others on their radar for the evening.